'Northstowe Muslims' aims to establish itself as a local Islamic Charitable Trust, which would be managed by residents from Northstowe and the adjoining areas. 

The volunteers come from varied professional, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

We plan to work together with the wider community from Northstowe and the adjoining areas, to fulfill the social and spiritual needs of Muslim families, members of other faith or no faith, living in and around Northstowe.


  • To fulfill the social and spiritual needs of families living in Northstowe and the surrounding areas.
  • To work together with other social and faith groups in organising community events.
  • To estabilish a dedicated prayer facility as well as shared community space open to people of all faiths / no faiths & other social groups.
  • To engage and work cohesively with Northstowe Town Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council.
  • To engage and work with local schools to provide support, mentorship and learning facilities for children, youth and adults.
  • To organise health and fitness camps for the local community.
  • To engage with the local council to have a burial space for Muslims.