Northstowe Winter Festival

Northstowe Muslims Winter Festival
Northstowe Muslims Winter Festival

Important Information for Northstowe Muslims Winter Festival (27/11/2022)


Northstowe Muslims Winter Festival is planned around a number of fun activities for children and adults. We have a lantern workshop and quiz for all, and for young children, we are organising a dress competition. The winners and participants will win prizes and certificates. Light refreshments will be provided for everyone.

The kids have to be under family supervision

1. Lantern Workshop: This is being sponsored by Northstowe Arts and is open to all who are above the age of 5. The workshop would run for 2 hours. We cannot have kids below the age of 5, as there is handling of willow. Please when paying use the link and do mention, your name and the number of guests (above the age of 5) who would be attending the lantern workshop. Northstowe Arts have indicated that the maximum number of allowed participants is 25.  Also, younger children (between 5 to 10) will need an adult to help them with the willow bending. Please visit

Northstowe Winter Festival Website for more Information.

2. General Knowledge Quiz: This is open to all participants above the age of 5, and would ask general knowledge questions related to Islam. The winners would receive certificate.

3. Clothing Competition: This is open to all participants below the age of 5. Please do indicate, if your kids wants to participate in this dress competition. Ethnic dress is just one example. Be creative. There would be merit certificates as well as participation certificates.

4. Henna Stall: All kids below the age of 5, will be given free henna tattos. Elders would have to pay for the tattoo designs.

5. Refreshments: We plan to provide free tea and some refreshments. But, would be great if we can get some donations. Will share the QRC code on the same day.

6. Payment Information: Please pay use the following link or scan the following QRC code for paying to attend the different events. For lantern workshop do read Point No. 1